Today we’re launching a new podcast series with our friend Dan O’Mahony called "Dan O Says So”.
Excited to launch the second One Two Me You featuring photographers Edward Colver and Atiba Jefferson.
Longtime Circle Jerks bassist Zander Schloss is starting a new chapter in his musical career with the release of his first solo recording, ‘Song About Songs’, from Blind Owl Records (out February 2022).
Trust Records presents Circle Jerks, 7Seconds and Negative Approach on tour together this Spring 2022. Just want some skank? This is the tour for you!!
Sheprard Fairey and Kevin Seconds discuss 7SECONDS The Crew in this first episode of a series we’re calling One Two Me You. Is it “colorblind” or “colourblind”, those are the hot topics being discussed, enjoy!!
This past Saturday June 5th, Trust popped up at the Revelation Records market in Huntington Beach California.
Trust Records has partnered with artist Brian Walsby to recreate a hand drawn t-shirt he made for Kevin in 1984
7Seconds’ The Crew was one of the most iconic albums of the 1980’s underground American punk and hardcore scene.
Here is the full lineup for the 22nd edition of Punk Rock Bowling. GA 3 Day Passes, Single Day Tix & an extremely ltd amount of VIP Passes are all on sale now!
With the first pressing selling out in 24 hours, we’re happy to announce the second pressing has arrived.
Go to May 2nd at 12pm pst for the “Return of the Left Wrist Show”.
Shout out to the Stern Brothers for announcing PRB September 24th through 26th featuring a reunited Circle Jerks, don’t miss it, more info HERE.