Trust has Partnered with the legendary Fishbone for a summer drop and a killer mix by Sage Caswell.
The Deluxe Reissue of the Iconic 1990s Underground Debut from DFL entitled My Crazy Life is available today for pre order.
Trust Records is pleased to announce the deluxe edition of the classic 1982 album Sound & Fury by Youth Brigade.
Available now exclusively from Trust Records is the super limited translucent green variant of “Manic Ride” by BL’AST!
Pre order "Walk Together Rock Together" by 7Seconds available everywhere February 3rd.
Punk Rock Movie Night at Brain Dead Studios in LA this Thursday 10/13 featuring "Sid: The Final Curtain”, a short film about Sid Vicious, and "Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC” a deep dive into the legendary NYC venue Max’s Kansas City.
Trust Records is pleased to announce the deluxe reissue of Agression’s cult classic debut album Don’t Be Mistaken, in partnership with B.Y.O Records who initially released the album in 1983.
We at Trust are huge fans of the Bad Brains and wanted to take a moment to celebrate the solo endeavors of H.R. who made some amazing music as a solo artist...
Considered to be the 1st Straight Edge band, SSD’s highly influential 1982 debut album will be available on vinyl for the first time in over 40 years
We look forward to releasing more deluxe vinyl re issues through our partnership with BYO in the years to come. To celebrate we’re launching a few new t shirt designs featuring 7Seconds, SNFU and Agression, three iconic artists from the BYO roster.
Today we’re launching a new podcast series with our friend Dan O’Mahony called "Dan O Says So”.
Excited to launch the second One Two Me You featuring photographers Edward Colver and Atiba Jefferson.