TRUST Presents a Deluxe Reissue of DFL's Iconic debut My Crazy Life

The Deluxe Reissue of the Iconic 1990s Underground Debut from DFL entitled My Crazy Life is available today for pre order. It Includes a 20-page full-color oral history, a massive full color zine featuring unreleased pictures by Sofia Coppola, flyers, and other archival images made by Bryan Ray Turcotte. Remastered audio by Mario Caldato Jr / the Beastie Boys producer who initially mixed the 7” w/ Ad-Rock at the Beastie Boys’ G-Son Studios in Atwater Village in 1993. An entire, unreleased, live show recorded at a party at G-Son studios. Originally released on Grand Royal Records, we made the classic Grand Royal tee to celebrate, enjoy!