Formed in Reno, Nevada on January 17, 1980, by the Marvelli brothers Kevin Seconds and Steve Youth this iconic American band has lasted over 40 years. Their debut album The Crew(1984) launched 7Seconds onto the national hardcore scene via Kevin Seconds positive messaging, and forefront lyrics. Addressing head-on topics such as racism, sexism, and homophobia the band became a trailblazer for the exploding American underground music scene. Their follow up ep Walk Together Rock Together(1985) which was produced by Ian MacKaye saw the group branch out into a subgenre known eventually as “emo” via their song “Spread”.  In 2022 the band completed a highly successful North American tour which concluded with them playing in front of over 20,00 people at both Riot Fest in Chicago, Illinois, and Punk in the Park in Orange County, California