Our Mission

Trust Records was formed to give classic punk and hardcore records the home that they deserve. The great records of this genre sprung from DIY roots to influence millions of disaffected kids around the world. As we now move into the “streaming age” it’s crucial to keep their spirit and legacy alive. Our focus is to ensure this music is available for all future generations while also getting the story right.

7SECONDS - The Crew


One of the most iconic albums of the 1980's underground American scene, 7SECONDS's The Crew delivers 18 legendary songs in 20 minutes.

This masterpiece has been remastered by David Gardner from the original analog tapes. It has been repackaged as a gatefold featuring a beautiful 20-page full-color book on the oral history of the band from inception through the making of The Crew. It includes insights from the likes of Ian MacKaye, Jello Biafra, Keith Morris, and many others, as well as unpublished flyers and photos.

Sheprard Fairey and Kevin Seconds discuss 7SECONDS The Crew in this first episode of a series we’re calling One Two Me You. Is it “colorblind” or “colourblind”, those are the hot topics being discussed, enjoy!!
This past Saturday June 5th, Trust popped up at the Revelation Records market in Huntington Beach California.
Trust Records has partnered with artist Brian Walsby to recreate a hand drawn t-shirt he made for Kevin in 1984