Circle Jerks on tour

Trust Records Presents Circle Jerks 2022 tour with 7Seconds and Negative Approach.

Considered to be the 1st Straight Edge band, SSD’s highly influential 1982 debut album will be available on vinyl for the first time in over 40 years
We look forward to releasing more deluxe vinyl re issues through our partnership with BYO in the years to come. To celebrate we’re launching a few new t shirt designs featuring 7Seconds, SNFU and Agression, three iconic artists from the BYO roster.
Today we’re launching a new podcast series with our friend Dan O’Mahony called "Dan O Says So”.

Our Mission

Trust Records was formed to give classic punk and hardcore records the home that they deserve. The great records of this genre sprung from DIY roots to influence millions of disaffected kids around the world. As we now move into the “streaming age” it’s crucial to keep their spirit and legacy alive. Our focus is to ensure this music is available for all future generations while also getting the story right.