SSD - The Kids Will Have Their Say 1/2 Solid Black & 1/2 Transparent Black Vinyl

 SSD "The Kids Will Have Their Say"
Available for the first time on vinyl since 1982 
Black on Black (sorta) split. Limited to 750
*** Only 4 per customer allowed ***
This version is 1/2 solid black and 1/2 transparent black.  Although truth be told the transparent black has a greenish hue to it.  It's still really cool tough. "The Kids Will Have Their Say" was also remastered by Dave Gardner from the original analog tapes. Those tapes were meticulously restored by a wizard named Dan Johnson from Audio Archiving Services. Bryan Ray Turcotte recreated the packaging to match the original XClaim version. It's badass!  
  1. "Boiling Point"
  2. "Fight Them" 
  3. "Do You Even Care"
  4. "Not Normal"
  5. "Wasted Youth" 
  6. "Jock Itch" 
  7. "Fun to You" 
  8. "V.A."
  9. "How Much Art" 
  1. "The Kids Will Have Their Say"
  2. "Headed Straight"
  3. "War Threat"
  4. "Teach Me Violence"
  5. "Screw" 
  6. "Who's to Judge" 
  7. "Police Beat" 
  8. "United" 
  9. "The End" 


*** This is a pre-ordered item that will ships on 11/17  ***

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