SSD - Get it Away - White Album

*** Album Ships on 7/19 ***

 SSD "Get it Away"
Available for the first time on vinyl since 1983 

This special edition white version was created by artist Bryan Ray Turcotte.

Limited to 750 

*** Only 2 Allowed Per Customer ***

 "Get it Away" has been remastered by Dave Gardner at 45 rpm to ensure the highest sonic quality . Famed artist Bryan Ray Turcotte recreated the packaging to match the original XCLAIM version.  Also includes an SSD Stencil

Trust Records Online Store editions, such as this one  all come with an extra fancy flexi disc featuring the song "Jolly Old' Saint Nicholas"



1. Glue
2. Forced Down Your Throat
3. Get it Away


1. Under The Influence
2. Nothing Done
3. XClaim
4. No Reply

*** Album Ships on 7/19 ***

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