Flyer White T-Shirt

Available For 48 Hours Only!

Printed On High Quality Alstyle Apparel Garments.

Orders Begin Shipping On, Or Before, 7/26.

The flyer was designed by Kevin Hernandez -  vocalist for the band Insted

 “7SECONDS was a game changer for me. I loved them from the minute I saw them which I believe was at The Olympic show where the cover photo for The Crew was shot. They were a huge influence on Insted and weplayed with them a few times. Those were always some of my favorite shows.  They just were an all-inclusive band -If you were straight edge, they welcomed you. If you were a skater, they welcomed you.  If you were a punk, they welcomed you. Their music was welcoming.  Kevin was always genuine and open – but he was unique. His look was a hoodie with a cut-off T-shirt over it. I mean, who did that?” - Kevin Hernandez (Insted)